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what an incredulous day . We, unexpectedly won in ...
C.A.T. !
Slim & In shape
:)I'm back !
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Written at Friday, July 23, 2010 | back to top

what an incredulous day .
We, unexpectedly won in a song writing contest . its abit shocking because we realy did not expect a lot. Akala pa nga namin mangungulelat kami ee .
But luckily God answer our prayer. THANKS GOD !... Pero syempre may ibang hindi pabor sa pagkakapano namin. They said we use instrument which is not allowed.
Kitang kita ng mga taong nakapaligid sa amin na wala kaming dala kundi ang sarili lang namin. And we did not use acapella. Hininaan lang yung minus one kasi tumalon daw
yung CD at para marinig di n kaming kumanta. AND THERE'S NO BIAS ! - sinabi lang na lakasan namin. yun lang. Pero sabi nga, We just IGNORE and give them a LOVELYSMILE sa mga nagrereklamo.
kasi kahit nga naman anong pagpaparinig nila sa amin kami parin naman ang lalaban sa Finals eh . chao !

And I just knew this morning lang na bumabalik na naman ang nakaraan . Napabigay ako kasi masyado akong nasaktan. Pero hindi patitinag si Aejhae !
YUN NA ANG HULING PATAK NG LUHA KO SA BAGAY NA YAN . - naks makata ^^ Para lang yan NOLI at EL FILI . hulaan nyo na lang bakit. makahula +10 ! haha
Pero kahit naman ganun pinapatawad ko na ang mga taong yun . mas masarap magpatawad kaysa magdamdam . kaso parang Jose Rizal nga lang . ^~^

I baked cake nga pala para sa kuya ko . Request nya yun kaso hindi nya natikman . MAY NEXT TIME PA ! "LUCKY FLUDGE CAKE " ang itatawag ko kasi parang may magic .
LUCKY CHARM ?? haha .. Biruin mo nagdala lang ako para pang cheer-up kung sakali mang matalo tapos NANALO pa ! Saya =DD

Ge Till here na lang . Salamat sa time !
Written at Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | back to top

Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" C. Aquino III was held to be our new President of the Republic of the Philippines this June 30,2010 on Quirino Grandstand. And as well as JejoMar Binay as our new Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines.Pres. Noynoy Aquino came to Quirino Grandstand riding in a Van which is used when his mother Pres. Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino died. It was a bit expressing for my side for valuing and remembering the things that really marks. Binay was riding in a "B-Jeep" ( E-Jeep; Electronic Jeep) when he came to Quirino Grandstand. The "Sabihin Mong Ika'y Pilipino" by Ryan Cayabyab was played before the 12:00 inauguration of Noynoy Aquino and Jojo Binay. The song "Di Ka Nag-iisa' sang by Regine Velasquez when Aquino is still campaigning. And the dramatical song "Kanlungan" of Noel Cabangon. As the incoming Chief Executive's wish, the ceremony was plain, simple but elegant . With a yellow Orchids flowers, the stage of Quirino Grandstand became beautous to look.

The cabinet members was takes their oaths too,

• Executive Secretary – Paquito Ochoa
• Finance – Cesar V. Purisima
• Justice – Leila L. de Lima
• Defense – Voltaire Gasmin
• Education – Armin A. Luistro
• NEDA – Cayetano Paderanga
• Agriculture – Proceso V. Alcala
• Environment – Ramon Paje
• DoTC – Jose Ping de Jesus
• Labor and Employment – Rosalindo Baldoz
• Health – Dr. Enrique Ona
• Tourism – Alberto Lim
• Trade and Industry – Gregory Domingo
• Social Welfare and Development – Corazon Juliano Soliman
• Energy – Jose Rene Almendras
• Public Works and Highways – Rogelio Singson
• Science and Technology – Dr. Mario Montejo
• Agrarian Reform – Virgilio R. De Los Reyes

There are lots of people who witnessed the inauguration of the new President and Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines. There are some celebrities who join in too in the inauguration, like Mariane Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez of GMA Charice Pempengco is the one sing the National Anthem, Christian Bautista and the APO Hiking Society and etc. There are foreigners who also witnessed, so the Grandstand became so crowded.

When it is already 12:00nn, the inauguration started. First the Vice-President JejoMar Binay take his oath as the Vice-President of the Phil. then Nonoy Aquino turn. Pres. Noynoy Aquino said, he never knew that he will reach that kind of position. He also said, "Ilalaan ko ang aking buhay para masiguro na ang demokrasya ay magiging pakipakinabang sa bawat isa." As he takes his responsibilities, he promised to all that he will surely defence us to the evil making of the country. "Alam ko paano maging mahirap, Mapagkaitan ng hustisya." "Ito na rin ang umpisa ng aking kalbaryo sa aking buhay ngunit mas gagaan kung marami ang papasan sa krus" As he said to be.
He says again,"kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap"
-Tuwid at tapat na hanay ng mga ilulugnok ko sa bansa.
-Sisikapin kong maging isang mabuting ehemplo sa bayan.
-Midnight Appointment aking sisiyasating mabuti
-Sisikaping punan ang mga kakulangan sa silid-aralan.
-Bubuhayin ang Emergency Employment ni Pangulong Corazon Aquino
-Hindi pwedeng "PWEDE NA" sa Government Infrastructure
-Magsasaka, tutulungan sa irigasyon at iba pa.
-We will cut the red tape dramatically
-Trabaho, pararamihin pa para mabawasan ang mga nag a-abroad
-OFW, tutugunan
-TRUTH COMMISSION, magbibigay linaw sa wala pang kasagutan.
-Walang lamangan,nakawan, tong at wang-wang.
-We will be a predictable and consistent place for investments

He also add, "Ang lahat ng nag-api sa akin ay pinapatawad ko na ngunit sa sangbayanan, wala akong karapatang patawarin kayo." "kayo ang boos ko." "Pinatunayan niyo na ang tao ang tunay na lakas ng bayan."
His Parents died with democracy and so as he too if he die. Before the ceremony ends, the 21 guns saluted.
Then, From Quirino Grandstand Aquino directly went to Malacanang to have his lunch and his first meeting to the VIP's.

Aquino was the second to the youngest President of the republic of the Philippines. With no wife and child. Obviously in his face, he is very happy indeed. He is well confident and bravely speaks to the people surrounded him. I adore president Noynoy Aquino.
I think he is better than our former president. I owe him to his promises and I hope he will not break his promises like Arroyo did.
Well, Congratulations and Break a leg to you PRESIDENT NOYNOY AQUINO III !. And also with us, GOODLUCK.
Written at Saturday, June 19, 2010 | back to top

Good Morning Guys !
I'm more loving MADDi JANE !
She has an amazing voice. I wish I can have that too. :))
She's so lucky to have that beautiful voice. hay, I'm starting to envy her. haha ^^

Thanks Shannel .
Written at Monday, June 14, 2010 | back to top

Oh, I just knew this morning that someone is using my pictures again.
Why these posers can't stop doing their bad business.
It really burst up my bubbles now.
Ever since I was using my Friendster account, too many people can't be proud of what they just got to themselves. Why they need to pretend?! Did God didn't gave them a good face? Of course NOT ! all of us has a precious gift from God.
"Akala ko sa friendster lang uso ang POSERS :(( Too sad."
Please don't steal my pictures & mind your own FACE.


C.A.T. !
Written at | back to top

Too many activities I need to do before the week ends hay ~

Did I ever tell you that I want to be an Agent someday ? This Saturday, because I am now a 4th year student, we will have now our C.A.T. like in military but in basic only. gets ?! ..
I waited so long to have our C.A.T. and now that I'm having it nyay !
A bit hard but I need to. Well, at first, we are just Happy-Go-Lucky or pa easy easy lang.
But when our head captain start to speak, everybody was in silence.
He said Eyes on the second floor then Hold your Banana, which we don't know yet.
Eyes in the second floor means eyes in front and hold your banana is hold your thumb.
No extra movements.


We are arranged in our sections. Two lines for boys and girls. I don't know where is my group is but I know who are my Cadette. So they teach us kung paano ang pagsaludo, Tikas, yung harap kanan na!:)) They also said that if the word is ta it means kung may armas ka lang.
Too weird kasi nag-aaway yung dalawang nagtuturo sa amin. Kaya nahuhuli kami. Others are moving on but us, never mind... I'm not saying they are not good, pero di na kasi kailangang magturuan pa kung sino ang gagawa ng example.
Others burst up their bubbles but me RELAX lang. haha :)


Slim & In shape
Written at Thursday, June 3, 2010 | back to top

Can you believe, I ate almost 30 Indian mangoes yesterday ? Ola ! I'm greedy :D Seriously Its not my favorite fruit ^^ - Finally my fairy Bessie fall asleep earlier at night. I was too worried about her problem. Having an insomnia is
not that easy. LOL ! .. I swear.
Well, I'm not on diet but I can stay slim and in shape, How ? By eating healthy food and make some activities.And just being happy :D Learning how to increase your happiness can be done in many ways, but one of the first steps you want to take is to improve your health and appearance. right ? We are meant to be fit, healthy and looking amazing. A lot of people today do not have the energy to exercise, but that is because they are eating an extremely unhealthy diet that sucks the nutrients and energy from their body. I can share you some tips for being slim and healthy.

Start eating as much natural foods as possible. The more, the better, of cou
rse! When we eat unhealthy carbs, such as processed white sugar, cookies, candy and all sorts of unhealthy choices.Do not eat too much at one time. If you feel yourself getting full, you should have stopped a few minutes ago. Stick to small portions. Even though you can eat a healthy diet, you are most likely not getting enough nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals,& antioxidants.
Relaxation and meditation are integral parts of being healthy and happy.The problem is that most people have a warped view of meditation. You can meditate by just
lying on your back for 10 minutes and focusing on your breath. Meditation basically means to focus on one single thing and being still. This means your breath, counting your breaths, a candle or whatever you want.
You have to move your body if you want to remove those unwanted pou can have great success by just eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, but by getting out there and walking, jogging or even lifting weights, you can significantly boost your metabolism and fat loss.

So, for those who want to be slim just follow my tips.
Don't just think that you want to be slim but also to be healthy too. And just do it with a smile ^^)


By The Way, because I ate a lot of mangoes, now my stomach is starting to ache. aha :)
Have a great day to all of you .

:)I'm back !
Written at Monday, May 24, 2010 | back to top

Hi there ! Good for me to type here again :)) haha ... Miss me a lot ?!! "I MISS YOU MORE!"After having the long road of enrollments, finally we got a perfect school for my cousin. It's the College of the Holy Spirit near in San Beda,CEU && front of La Consolacion.

Well the College of the Holy Spirit Manila or simply CHSM is one of the oldest woman colleges in the Philippines. But I think, boys are allowed now ^^ The college was established as a primary school named Holy Ghost School in 1913. It was renamed College of the Holy Spirit in 1965. haha When my cousin heard that see her face, mooo~ hehe:)
We have a great bond while we're inquiring. We have the same fair skin that everyone wants, but each day we walk to the hall of CEU to CHSM back to back, whu we're so "Negra" The bright sun shines directly to our skin. ubusan ng lotion^^ On our last day of inquiring in CHSM I asked her if we can go to St. Jude Church. Happy for granting it :)

it's nice to see the church of St. Jude.Its pretty clean & GREEN ! , not to wide nor small.